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Oscar was born in the UK in 2008. Like all macaws he craves attention and loves people talking to him, he will dance and even laugh with you. Although he is hand tame we keep him in a cage in reception as when he's loose he will often wander off looking for Ian if he can hear his voice and we're worried that one day he could be toddling about and get stood on or flattened by a suitcase!

When he can hear people sitting in the bar laughing he will often get quite vocal which is his way of saying "I want to be where everyone else is!" Ian will often take him out of his cage and have a walk around with him which Oscar loves - people can say hello and learn a bit more about him, plus he's more than happy to pose for pictures!

At bedtime or really busy times he goes back through to our house where he has a second cage and is allowed to be free, with his hundreds of toys to play with and his friend Zac (our German Shepherd) to shout at.

His cage is covered over for him to sleep, as Macaws need at least twelve hours rest, however he can often be heard whispering under the cover to see if anyone will talk to him, he knows he's not allowed to talk when his cover is on! In the morning we will quietly say 'good morning Oscar', but if we don't get a 'hello' or hear him ruffle his feathers we leave him to sleep a bit longer. Guests may ask where Oscar is this morning to which we have to reply 'sorry, he's not up yet!'